The Stradivari amongst the Pan Flutes

Well-known music-artists and other famous panpipe players appreciate the outstanding sound and the excellent handcraftsmanship of the DAJOERI panflute and they either had gotten DAJOERI Panflutes or had requested to adjust a panflute to their individual playing technique by the DAJOERI panpipe atelier. In over 30 years of research, the quality of the DAJOERI panpipe developed to a very high standard, which professional panflute artists and our clients know to appreciate. In 1975 the work of DAJOERI received an Award for Applied Art from the Swiss Department for Internal Affairs and in 1988 the company received a recognition from the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS for the world's biggest playable Rumanian concert panflute.

The DAJOERI Panflute School is the oldest one in West-Europe and was founded in 1971. They offer panpipe instructions for adults and teens in many places in Switzerland as well as abroad and made a substantial contribution for the worldwide distribution of this wonderful instrument.

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