In the 70ies and 80ies, Jöri Murk performed mainly with well-known organists, such as Hermann Hirs
(Organist in Kilchberg ZH), Wolf-
gang Sieber (Organist at the Hof-
kirche in Lucerne), Ueli Meldau (Organist  Zurich) and Gheorghe Ciolac (Pianist from Fürth by Frankfurt).

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The purpose of these concerts was to arouse broad public interest for the panflute.

Today, past students of Jöri Murk perform in various formations.They fulfill this task perfectly, as evidenced by excellent press commentaries and filled concert halls and churches.

Specially favored are the concerts from the different DAJOERI Panflute Choirs, which encompass up to 250 panflute players.